Speedbar, the biggest marginal gain in cycling.

Speedbar is the first aerobar in the world that combines optimized aerodynamics with comfort.

More safe

Speedbar is the only tension-free setup on the market. Instead of using spacers and claims, we choose to make it as a monocoque construction. Our construction is lighter, stiffer and most important, safer.

More control

Speedbar supports the entire lower arm. Besides the extra comfort, it will give you more control over the bike during harsh wind conditions.

More speed

Speedbar will make you faster. It forces you in your most aero position, in a comfortable way. This means you can ride in this position for much much longer, without cramping up.

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Speedbar comes in two versions. Personalized and tailormade.

The personalized version is based around an ergonomic shaped armpad/extension that we produce 3 different sizes. Every Speedbar will be laminated in the position you prefer. When fixating the Speedbar in this position, we also make sure it can be mounted on the basebar of your bike.

The tailormade Speedbar is built around a mould we take from your lower arm. This will guaranty you that you will have the maximum support and control you need during the 180 km bike ride of your life. Wind tunnel tests show a gain of 11 to 23 Watts with the tailormade version of our Speedbar.

To make your Speedbar we go through a short process together, click here to read a short description of the process to come to the Speedbar you deserve in this competitive world of road racing.

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