Speedbar™ is not an off-the-shelf product. If you decide to order a Speedbar™ you will start a three-week process of creating your own personal aerobars.
We offer two manufacturing options, both in UCI-compliant and triathlon version.

1. Custom-made.
Using a universal mould that will support your upper arms over their entire length. We have moulds in several sizes and varieties and to be able to select the best mould for you we will need some close-up pictures of how you grip your bars, plus accurate stack- and reach measurements of your current setup. Your Speedbar™ will then be custom-made to fit your cycling posture and custom-made to fit your basebar.

2. Tailor-made.
We make a 3D plaster cast of your lower arms and elbows. This either requires you to visit our premises in The Netherlands or we’ll fly out and visit you on location. The cast can be used for additional bars so this is a one-time investment. Your Speedbar™ will be tailor made to exactly fit your arms, to fit your cycling posture and to fit your base bar.

To get started on your Speedbar™ we will need specific measurements and close-up pictures of your current aerobar setup. Please get in touch with us and we will help you through the design stage.

Speedbar™ can be equipped with seamlessly integrated computer- and bottlecage mounts. Included in the delivery are mounting hardware and padding.

We ask you for a one-third deposit, to allow us to submit your order and allocate your production timeslot.