About Speedbar™

Speedbar™ is a small company. And we would like to keep it that way. Our one-off approach does not allow us to grow without changing the concept and we really donít want that. Meaning our production capacity is limited to two Speedbars™ per week.
Founder of Speedbar™ is Edwin van Vugt. Edwin earned his stripes as a pro-tour mechanic and has worked with carbon ever since carbon is around. After Edwin started his own company, repairing carbon frames and wheels, he moved upmarket to cater for pro-cycling teams who encountered issues with carbon. Since then the company focus has shifted towards one-off carbon frames and bikeparts. The Speedbar™ is a big hit now that it is breaking records all over the planet.

To make your Speedbar we go through a short process together, click here to read a short description of the process to come to the Speedbar you deserve in this competitive world of road racing.

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